How to Speed Up Computer?

Speed Up Computer
Since your computer is no super being, it will sooner or later slow down. You are certain to face issues with its speed. Therefore, your concern that ‘my computer is slow’ is no different from others. Ever since it is just a gadget, you can anytime fix its problems and upgrade it. This article will assist you with how to speed up your PC by making a few changes to it. So rather than, changing your PC altogether, just make some changes in it. These are listed below.

Limit Startup Programs:

Limit Startup Programs
A few programs run by default, every time you log on your system. For instance, Skype or Spotify. These programs run in the background and slow down the speed. To fix it, you need to stop them from running.

To turn it off, press windows button on the keyboard and ‘R’ key together, and type ‘msconfig’. Press ok. Go to Startup and turn off the programs that are not in use. This will help in improving your system’s speed.

Use Disk Cleanup:

Disk Cleanup
Windows come with some inbuilt tools which can help us improve its performance. Disk Cleanup is one of them. This tool cleans all the unnecessary files on the hard drive. To use this tool, go to all programs on the start menu. Then go to Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup. Run Disk cleanup on which ever drive you to want to clean. Regularly clean your disk; this will remarkably improve your system speed and performance.

Clean Registries:

Clean Registries
Do you ever wonder, what’s reason behind your computer behaving in a certain way? It’s the registries behind it. Registries compel a computer system to run the way it is running. Registries are the database of all the information, options, settings, and other values of programs and hardware that are installed on your windows system. These sometimes may get wrong and, therefore, results in unusual system problems.

You can manually fix registry errors. When you are manipulating it manually, make sure that you only fix registry errors and not all registries.

Manual process proceeds by pressing windows and ‘r’ key together. Type ‘regedit’ and press ok. Registry tab will open before you. You must take a backup before you make any changes to these registries. These changes can be made by going to file> export> document name> document destination> save.

Turn off visual effects:

Turn off visual effects
Well visual effects are one thing that can boost PC performance. Turning off the visual effects can speed up your computer but it may not seem captivating. So if you can choose appearance over speed, just follow the steps. Click on start menu> control panel> search Performance Information and Tools> go to Adjust Visual Effects. Now you will see many options in it. Choose ‘Adjust for best appearance’. Windows will automatically adjust itself for the best appearance and your system speed will also accelerate.
Note: Changing these settings can lead to several more harmful changes to your computer. This situation can be avoided by using Advanced PC Tuneup, which speeds up the computer while causing no loss to it.

Advanced PC Tuneup: The Direct Route to Clean Registries

Advanced PC Tuneup
As I mentioned earlier that registries needs to be taken care off well, a registry fixer like Advanced PC Tuneup is skilled in this. Advanced PC Tuneup fix registry errors sparing no time. Here are some of its impeccable traits.

  • Scanning with advanced scan engine.
  • In-built scheduler will run scanning on the preset date and time.
  • Backup of all registry data before elimination. You can always revert back to the previous system state.
  • Specific scan areas and exclusion option is available.
  • Available in various languages, this makes it handy for numerous users.
  • Simple and handy with good UI.
  • Optimize PC performance by deleting all clutter.
With all these offbeat features of Advanced PC Tuneup, your work gets simpler. Boost your PC performance with this registry fixer in a click. Download Advanced PC Tuneup Now!

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    Let’s say, PC is not working well! Many would turn straight to windows registries, back it up and fix it.
  • How to Speed Up Computer?
    Since your computer is no super being, it will sooner or later slow down. You are certain to face issues with its speed.

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